Vaupell’s Product Innovation Center

Vaupell’s Product Innovation Center in Greater Boston is all about speed

Every prototype technology you need under one roof, with project management to coordinate your pilot and short-run production needs.

In-House Equipment Includes:

3D Printing 
3D Printing is a critical component of rapid prototyping. It allows engineers to make parts in hours rather than weeks. Vaupell is an expert at a wide range of 3D Printing processes. Each process has it’s strength and weaknesses and we can help guide you to fit the best process for your need. Our broad range of capabilities allow us to create prototypes with fast turnaround regardless of size, complexity of design, material/resin used, flexibility, or quantity.

At Vaupell, we like quantity 1 for CNC Machining. We are set up to service the prototype and quick turn industry, which allows us to excel at 1 piece orders along with low volume production.  We utilize our 3 and 5 axis machining centers to machine both metal (aluminum, steel, titanium, etc.,) and plastic materials.  In addition, Vaupell machining is supported by our quality department with full CMM capability.

Vaupell offers multiple solutions for your metal casting prototypes.  The combination of Vaupell’s rapid tooling and pattern making process with conventional casting processes investment, sand, and plaster mold provides quick and cost effective solutions for prototype and short-run production.

Injection Molding 
Rapid Prototype Injection Molding is ideal for functional prototyping, pilot runs, bridge tooling, low volume production of short turnaround parts and when end-use material is required. Unlike our competitors our customers own their molds and do not have to take any concessions on part design.

Medical Device Assembly
Vaupell is a leading provider of highly engineered, injection molded advanced plastic components and assemblies for medical products OEMs. Products include a wide variety of plastic components used in medical products such as inhalers, diagnostic test kits, surgical instrumentation, and precision products for biotech testing applications.