Vaupell has worked with implant grade materials since 1998. We continue our commitment to this crucial portion of the medical device industry through cGMP controls and maintenance of our robust quality system.

Customers work with us to develop short-term and long-term implants. Our team of design, quality, and manufacturing engineers are available to assist in the manufacturability design of these sensitive components.

Vaupell’s experience includes working with the following implant grade materials:

  • PEEK – Optima®
  • PEEK – Classix®
  • Endolign®
  • Bionate® 80A, 90A
  • PMMA


Over the past five years, the medical industry has increasingly accepted the move to plastic implants that over time, via hydrolysis, decompose into carbon dioxide and water. This bioabsorbable material is such an invaluable aid to bone, muscle and tissue healing that the damaged area eventually no longer needs the support of an implant.

Vaupell is the leading provider of bioabsorbable resin molding. We have the technical expertise required to mold inherently high viscosity materials. Vaupell combines this with both an understanding of bioabsorbable product designs and the knowledge of how to develop medical components.

We control critical properties of the bioabsorbable material through the implementation of Scientific Injection Molding (SIM) processes in Class 7 cleanrooms. Such innovative process control capabilities ensure consistent part geometry and absorption performance. Based on our extensive knowledge of part design and material characteristics, we design molds capable of handling delicate substrates while injecting materials at very high pressures.

Our experience includes working with the following bioabsorbable materials:

  • Purasorb®
    • PLA
    • PLLA
    • PLDL
  • Resomer®
  • PLGA – PEG
  • Custom Blending