Drug Discovery

Vaupell works with numerous drug companies on a variety of projects. These include components and finished goods that are used in DNA sequencing, liquid handling, and microfluidics.  Much of this production is developed as RNA/DNA free in our automated manufacturing environment. Our expertise is unsurpassed working with products requiring tight tolerances and using commodity resins.

Examples of products we manufacture include:

  • Pipettes
  • Well Trays
  • Housings/Bezels/Panels for capital equipment
  • Machining of arrays for liquid handling
  • Chip carriers for microfluidics

Drug Delivery

Vaupell works with companies that provide a wide variety of drug delivery applications. Examples of products we manufacture include:

  • Dry-powdered inhalers
  • Syringe barrels and plungers
  • Fluid administration sets and winged infusion sets
  • Drug packaging products used in combination with inhalers

Vaupell can develop and manufacture the components and final assemblies for these applications. We assist our customers in the selection of materials for biocompatibility and long-term reaction with drugs or other fluid administration.