Defense Rotorcraft

Defense industry requirements are constantly changing, but there are a few standards that remain the same; stronger, lighter and faster. Vaupell maintains a pulse on what the defense market needs and is considered to be a strategic source in making these standards a reality. In working with some of the top military aircraft OEMs coupled with our knowledge of engineered material solutions, Vaupell meets our customer’s demands.

Whether it is converting an aluminum small arms floating hand guard, molding a hollow air vane for a UAV, or molding a plastic M16 magazine, we can help.

ITAR Registered


Aerospace AirframeSensitive to the demands of the commercial aircraft market, Vaupell offers expertise in weight-reducing, metal-to-plastic conversions.  We are the premier OEM partner for replacement of metal products with engineered plastics or composites. While an average weight savings of 30% is typically seen in replacing aluminum, one of the major benefits of converting a metal component is multipart consolidation, elimination of possible corrosion, as well as a total reduction in cost; all without jeopardizing the performance of the part itself.

Vaupell also is uniquely capable of processing high-heat, advanced polymers that meet the demanding environmental, dimensional and appearance requirements of global OEM and Tier 1 airplane manufacturers.


Vaupell’s maintains a bonding room capable of aerospace bonding of multiple composites and metals for us in aerospace and defense applications.


aerospace rotorcraft sikorskyVaupell supports the unique requirements of the rotorcraft market with a variety of composite products.

The rotorcraft market is a demanding, growing segment of the overall aerospace market with helicopters often operating in challenging environments that require superior performance from high-strength, light-weight rotorcraft components.  Vaupell excels in partnering with OEMs on these applications.