Vaupell has long been recognized as the world leader in the manufacture of appearance moldings and subassemblies for the commercial aerospace market.  Within the aerospace market, we have a long-standing reputation for high-quality molding of complex plastics and composites used in a range of applications. We are uniquely capable of processing high-heat, advanced polymers that meet the demanding environmental, dimensional and appearance requirements of global OEM and Tier 1 airplane manufacturers.

Vaupell has focused on complex assemblies and high-visibility, high-cost resin products such as passenger service units, air grilles, speaker grilles, and window reveals. Vaupell also manufactures seat row markers, literature pockets, stow bin latches, attendant call buttons, leading edge seals, galley face plates, and oxygen boxes and doors.  These products are molded out of complex resins for strength, chemical or environmental resistance, flame retardancy, and stability at extreme temperatures.

Vaupell is also a leader in the development of reinforced fiberglass and other composite molding techniques and manufacture a variety of composite products for the aircraft and rotorcraft markets.