Resin Casting

RoboticsResin Casting is a quick and economical means of producing a wide variety of plastic parts – with functional end-material properties – for testing, sales and marketing samples, and low-volume production.  Available urethanes, silicones and epoxies provide a wide range of rigid and elastomeric properties.

Vaupell has the breadth of capability and experience to offer the best mold method – including cast silicon, fully machined, and everything in between.  We provide the full range of processing techniques necessary to get the best results for any specific job.

Representative features/applications of resin casting include:

  • Durable, rapid and inexpensive test parts
  • Sales and Marketing samples
  • Low volume production
    • Parts with likelihood of changeRapid Prototyping Capabilities
    • Specials
    • Alternatives to machined or fabricated parts
  • Reproduction of existing parts
  • Production support – tooling, nests and fixtures
  • Overmolds
    • Overmold metal brackets, inserts, etc.
    • Soft touch (overmold elastomeric grip on rigid housing)
    • Potting
  • Cast in color, clear, texture, painted, and decorated
    • Color part without paint, through-part color
    • Clear and tinted parts
    • Cast in textures
    • Full paint and decorating (pad print, silk screen, INTs)
  • Rigid and elastomeric materials
    • From 40 to 90 Shore D
    • From 15 to 90 Shore A
  • Specialty materials/properties
    • High temperature (HDT up to 346°F)
    • Flame retardant (UL 94 V0 rated)
    • Class 6 silicones
    • UV stabile
    • Chemical resistant