Injection Molds & Molding

InjectionMolds3Prototype and short-run injection molds and molding typically address different objectives and constraints.  The likelihood of change, compressed schedules, smaller quantities, plus pricing pressure on the tool and the effects of minimum material buys – all drive prototype and short-run injection molds and molding projects.

Some other factors that favor this approach are:

  • UL or FDA testing
  • Functional testing
  • Marketing sampling (e.g. focus groups)
  • Manufacturing process testing / risk assessment
  • Early/bridge production for market testing, interim to “Version 2” and right-sized tooling and production
  • Only process that supports the desired material
  • Most cost-effective method to produce the parts

InjectionMolding_0Available prototype and short-run mold and molding services include:

  • Aluminum and pre-hard steel molds tailored to your objectives
  • Wide selection of commodity and engineering resins
  • Full range of secondary operations/processes
    • Painting and decorating
    • EMI Shielding
    • Ultrasonic welding
    • Heat staking
    • General assembly
    • Secondary machining