Specialty Processes

With weight reduction being a priority in the aerospace market, Vaupell offers multiple specialty processes to achieve this goal.

The specialty process capabilities are frequently employed in metal-to-plastic (M2P) conversion typically undertaken to reduce weight, reduce cost and/or eliminate corrosion. As to not compromise on the strength of the part we have a variety of engineered resins that weigh significantly less than metal, but still retain the strength of the original part.

Vaupell has been an innovator in the use of gas-assist injection molding which reduces weight, improves processing capability, reduces cost and offers design flexibility. Vaupell was the first company  to employ gas-assist injection molding with PEEK high performance resin. We continue to use gas-assist injection molding in innovative ways to address our customers’ challenges.

The most recent innovative molding process Vaupell has begun to employ is micro-cellular injection molding using the MuCell® process. This process will allow Vaupell to make thinner, lighter parts with more design and process flexibility. Please reference our news section for an article on our Collaboration Agreement with Trexel, the company that develops and sells the MuCell® Systems.

Our Specialty Molding Capabilities include:

  • Engineered Resins
    • PEEK® – 150, 450
  • Implantable Resins
    • PEEK – OPTIMA®
    • PMMA
  • Bioabsorbable Molding
    • PLA, PLLA & other custom blends
    • Proprietary barrel & screw designs
  • Gas-assist Injection Molding
  • Production Volumes & Capabilities