Scientific Injection Molding

Scientific_Molding_1Scientific Injection Molding is a disciplined approach.  It determines and controls optimum process parameters to produce consistent quality at a lower overall cost. Through strategically placed mold transducers, it provides constant real-time process feedback.

SIM controls four major variables simultaneously:

  • Part Design
  • Tool Design
  • Material Selection
  • Processing

SIM benefits include:

  • Reliable documentation for each part
  • Higher yield and lower material consumption
  • Optimized Process – the best cycle times possible
  • Consistent repeatability and quality, part to part, set-up to set-up
  • Better flow control with no weld lines or surface flaws

At the heart of Scientific Injection Molding is the ability to detect where problems are and document them with data – not personal opinions. SIM identifies alternative designs early while helping to keep your program on track. Manufacturability is always a consideration and shortens the learning curve in all phases. Scientific Injection Molding holds each component accountable, resulting in true concurrent engineering.