Vaupell was founded on plastic injection molding, which has become the core technology and capability our business is built around. With our 7 global facilities maintaining more than 110 injection molding presses that range in size from 17 to 1,000 tons of clamping force. This includes both vertical and horizontal presses that are spread across our 7 global facilities with general molding floor capabilities and ISO Class 7 (10K) and ISO Class 8 (100K) clean room environments.Our injection molding processes include automatic material supply, close tolerance injection molding, structural foam molding, insert molding, over-molding, In-mold Decoration (IMD), process monitoring systems, and gas-assist molding. We provide our customers with engineering expertise to assist with plastic part design including material selection, design for manufacturability, and tool selection to meet their speed to market needs and long-term production requirements.