CNC Machining

Machining is often the most effective process for producing prototypes, patterns and short-run production parts.  Vaupell utilizes 3 and 5 axis, conventional and high-speed CNC equipment with state-of-the-art CAM Software.  We use it to produce machined parts and patterns in an endless variety of materials including plastics, aluminums, steels, titanium, composites and ceramics.

Demand and variety present in the prototype business, combined with our EDM and 5-axis capabilities, has resulted in Vaupell’s reputation as a shop that routinely produces parts typical machine shops might shy away from.  In addition, Vaupell machining is supported by our quality department with full CMM capability.

Reasons to consider machining:

  • Machining may be favored prototype process when:
    • Geometry and material make it the fastest and least expensive
    • Desired tolerances and feature definition are not achievable with alternative processes
    • Specific material or material properties (mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical) are not available in an alternative process
    • The production process will be machining
  • Machine patterns offer durability and stability with a high level of accuracy and feature definition.
  • Full range of secondary operations/processes are offered
    • Inserts & helicoils
    • Assembly
    • Polishing
    • Plating, painting and powder coating